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Dancer - Deago - Buffy


Beltaurus Belgian Shepherds is a small kennel situated in the beautiful Bay Of Plenty, our dogs are all home based and live with us in our home.  I have had Tervueren Belgians since 1988 and have always strived to breed good natured healthy belgian shepherds!

I can assure you that I will give full back up service with a puppy I have bred.  I have competed in competitive obedience in previous years so have a strong understanding of dog training.

I show all my belgians and too date am happy to say every belgian I have shown has made it to Champion Status.

A new line of breeding has been brought into my Kennel with NZ CH Belgenbliss Angel Buffy coming from Perth 2 years ago

Puppies confirmed from Buffy due 23rd March 2018

Also have just imported Graebelge Vraiment Beau who arrived from Melbourne in Jan 2017 looking forward to his show debut this year 2017

Contact Details

Sandi Draffin
Tauranga, NZ
Phone : 07 5433980
Email : [email protected]

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