Club History

The first meeting of a group of Fox Terrier enthusiasts took place on 22 February 1992 at the Southern Classic. Their aim was to form a Fox Terrier Club and their consequent decision was to form a steering committee based in Christchurch with area representatives in other parts of the country. Those in attendance were S & R Hawkins, D & P Henderson, I & B Simpson, D & S Rowlands, C & R Bromley, L de Joux, P Dobbs, T White, A & M Pyke, J Mapley, J Stapleton, P & M Tucker, P Plimmer and M Richards.

A subsequent meeting of these and other Fox Terrier enthusiasts on 23 June 1992 in Christchurch saw the formation of a steering committee comprising Ron Hawkins, Melita Richards, Pat Plimmer, Lei de Joux, Debbie Henderson, Sharyn Williamson, John & Robert Stapleton, Jan Mace, Peter Clements, Paula Dobbs and John Carlyle. This committee aimed to re-establish The Fox Terrier Club (which has been in recess for some 50 years), promote the Fox Terrier and to become a recognised member club of The New Zealand Kennel Club. Others who attended this meeting were Sandra & Dennis Rowlands from Auckland, Alan Pyke and Sue Hawkins.

Old Trophy books dating back to 1903 and minute books from 1933 give us an idea of the history of the Old Club. In one set of minutes from 1933 it is recorded that Club members undertook to do their best to see 100 Fox Terriers benched at the Royal Show. Just nine years later, in 1942, it was decided to amalgamate the New Zealand Fox Terrier Club with the Auckland Terrier Club because of falling numbers. Fifty years on the Fox Terrier Club was being re-established.

On 6 March 1994 a meeting was held to form The Fox Terrier Club. In December 1994 The Fox Terrier Club became a recognised Club and in June 1996 the Club became associated with the New Zealand Kennel Club.

The Clubs first Open Show was held on 15 November 1996 in Christchurch. There were 36 dogs entered and the judge was Mrs Linda Strongman from Huntly. This Open Show was followed by a second in 1997 and a third Open Show which was held in Auckland in 1998.

In 1999 our inaugural Championship Show produced an entry of over 60 dogs for Mr Jim Smith of the United States. In 2000 we welcomed Mr John Ellem from New South Wales, Australia to judge our second Championship Show and Dr John Shelton of the United States judged our Show in 2001. Mr Michael Buckley from the United States judged our Show in 2002 and in 2003 we welcomed Mrs Anni Howard from Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. 2004 Mr Keith Lovell Victoria, Australia - 2005 Mrs Jan Braithwaite Campbell Victoria, Australia - 2006 No show - 2007 Mr Peter Luyten Victoria, Australia - 2008 Mrs Antonia Thornton, UK - 2009 Mr Geoff Corish, UK - 2010 Mrs Trisha Broom & Mrs Cherry Davies UK - 2011 Mrs Anne Soraghan, Victoria, Australia - 2012 Mrs Wendy Brown, NSW, Australia - 2013 Mr Kevin Howard, NSW, Australia - 2014 Mr John Green, NZ - 2015 Mr Keith Brown, NZ - 2016 Mr Julio Rueda, Uruguay - 2017 Adrian Walmsley, NSW, Australia, 2018 Ludmila Fintorova, Slovakia - 2019 Mr Warren Goldsworthy, NSW, Australia - 2020 Mr Geoff Whitfield, NZ - 2021, Mr John Green, NZ 2022, Selina Collins, Tasmania, Australia 2023

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