About Us

Passchendael Kennels

We are a small kennel near Dunedin and have occassional litters available to selected homes. Our first introduction to Belgian shepherds was with Storm our first bitch. This was baptism by fire as she proved to be at the upper edge for intelligence and activity. She was also the Belgian that captivated us with her amazing personality, loyalty and enthusiasm. Our dogs live with us on 5 acres and are only kennelled when we are both at work. Otherwise they have free run of the section and house. A happy Belgian is one who can be with you, helping you and watching over you in your daily activities.

Visitors are always welcome to visit and meet our dogs. All of our dogs are involved in either dry-land sledding, showing, agility or rally-o. Our aim is to breed Belgians that have excellent temperaments and can be trained for whatever purpose their owners wish, whether it be companionship or other forms of dog sport. We maintain close contact with the other Belgian Shepherd breeders in NZ and also in Australia and we make an effort to attend breed shows annually in Australia where the Belgian community is larger.

Contact Details

Jo Ingram
Dunedin, NZ
Phone : 0220614588
Email : [email protected]