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Belesprit Aahrora x Bellshill Josenfjord

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23-12- 20                    
Blk Jac Sparrow                         D scissor [email protected] Strabismis one eye due to lazy muscle, otherwise healthy eyes. Improved with age.
Blackadder   D scissor 2@9wks  
Long Black   D scissor [email protected]  
Sirius Black   D scissor [email protected]  
Black Pearl   B scissor -  
Hey Black      Betty   B    scissor -  

Belesprit Aahrora x Mirribandi Time to Rock

Litter Date         Sex Bite Testicles Owner Feedback/hips/eyes
Lockdown Litter 18-05-20        
Croc Roc Bindi   F scissor 8/52    
Roc It Man   D scissor 8/52 2  

Belesprit Aahrora x Belgenbeau Orange Sky at Passchendael

Litter Date Sex Bite Testicles Owner feedback/hips/eyes
Secret Seven 30-07-21        
Slim Shady   D scissor 2 2 x dewclaws
Box A Choicolate   D scissor 2 1 x dewclaw
Midnite Xpress   D scissor 2  
Kinder S'prise   D scissor 2  
Veil of Drkness   B scissor   2 x dewclaws
Under Cover Grl   B scissor    
Hidden Secret   B scissor    


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