New Zealand Recognition of Merit Award

The Recognition of Merit Award

Administered by an elected committee representing the Bull Terrier Clubs of New Zealand

The Recognition of Merit (ROM) is a points-based award system run by the Bull Terrier Clubs of New Zealand that are associated with DogsNZ (New Zealand Kennel Club).  It was implemented to recognize a select group of dogs that can consistently win under breed specialist judges at the highest level of competition. The main objective of the award is to distinguish Bull Terriers that with opportunity, are most likely to contribute to the betterment of the breed. Points for dogs and bitches are awarded separately so that the best of each sex at any particular time is acknowledged. Both Bull Terriers and Bull Terrier (Miniature) are eligible to collect points under approved judges.

From 1998 until September 2018 the Bull Terrier clubs of New Zealand competed for this award under the umbrella of the National Bull Terrier Council of Australia. During this time 39 Bull Terriers and 11 Miniatures were awarded this prestigious title. In September 2018 the NZ BT clubs combined to create an award that could be piloted nationally. A working group of breeders and administrators representing the North Island Bull Terrier Club and the Canterbury Bull Terrier club were tasked with fashioning an award that was similar to the Australian scheme while working within DogsNZ rules and regulations. These were sent to each club to be ratified.

The point value of each qualifying placement is exactly the same as the Australian award, as are the conditions under which they must be won. This means that points gained under the Australian scheme can be used toward the NZ award and that all past and future winners will have met the same conditions in order to qualify for the award.

The working group also referenced the Bull Terrier Club of America's Recognition of Merit system and integrated some of its ideas and ideals to round out the NZROM.

All winners past and present are included on this website. They can be viewed by clicking on the Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier (Miniature) ROM page links above.

A description of the National Bull Terrier Council (Australia)’s award can be found here.

A description of the Bull Terrier Club of America's version of the ROM award can be found here.

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