New Zealand Recognition of Merit Award

Rules of the NZ Recognition of Merit




The ROM Award is recognition of the merit of a select group of dogs who can win at the highest

level of competition under breed specialist judges. The objective of the ROM is to recognise

those animals who given the opportunity are most likely to contribute in our endeavour to breed

better Bull Terriers. Bull Terrier clubs are those recognised by Dogs NZ which cater only to Bull Terriers and/or Bull Terrier (Miniature).

A. Committee Membership

The committee shall comprise of two financial members from each of the member clubs.

Nominations for the positions on the committee shall be from the active financial members of each club.

Nominations may only be submitted by financial members.

The nomination and voting of members shall be done in the month of January with the notification of successful candidates by the end of that month.

The term of candidates will be 2 years.

The NZROM committee will allocate jobs among themselves.

Representatives will report back to the NZ Bull Terrier Club committees.

Any changes to this document may only be made with the agreement of the NZ Bull Terrier Club committees.

All correspondence in or out will be cc’d to each NZROM committee member.

B. Finances

a. Member clubs will share equally the cost of running the NZROM.

b. The club of the committee secretary will cover any expenses incurred and will invoice the other club accordingly.

c. Any income will be used to offset expenses.



A. A Bull Terrier must obtain seven (7) points to be granted the ROM Certificate. At least one

three (3) point award and at least one two (2) point award as defined in rule 2c.1 or 2 are to be included. The other points may be taken from 2c.3. Points must be obtained under separate


B. All points must be gained at an event of an affiliated Club. i.e. a club that is registered with Dogs NZ.

C. Points are allocated as follows:

Allocation of Points for ROM Award

Show                                           Award                 Points

Bull Terrier Champ Show      Dog/Bitch CC              3

Bull Terrier Champ Show      Best Dog/Bitch            3

Bull Terrier Open Show         Res Best Dog/Bitch    2

All Breeds Show                   Dog/Bitch CC              2

All Breeds Show Res            Dog/Bitch CC             1


d. ROM points may only be awarded by a Bull Terrier Specialist Judge as defined in Part 4 below.

e. In the event of a Bull Terrier Club engaging a Judge other than a Bull Terrier specialist, as defined in Part 4, no ROM points will be allocated to the Show.

f. The ROM award is an in-house award that is not recognised by Dogs NZ. Therefore the letters ROM must not be included on entry forms.

g. The letters ROM may be used in newsletters behind an animals’ name.

h. Dogs must be 6 months or older to receive ROM points. Baby puppies are ineligible regardless of winning best or reserve of sex.



a. Bull Terrier clubs requiring ROM status for more than two Championship and two Open shows per year must apply to the NZROM Committee in writing using the appropriate form.

b. Otherwise, shows where the judge and show meet the criteria will automatically be considered eligible for awarding ROM points.

c. Judges (All Breeds Shows only) and Bull Terrier Clubs must apply to the NZROM committee for the ROM award cards for each show using the appropriate form. Also to be included in the application are the:

  1. Name of the judge (resume to be included in accordance with Part 4 if necessary).

  2. Date of the Show

  3. Name of the club organising the show.

d. On receipt of the letter in 3 c. the committee will forward the relevant number of ROM award

cards. These will be numbered consecutively and the name of the Club, date of show and judges name will be recorded against the card number. If for any reason the numbered cards are not used they are to be returned to the Secretary.

e. Judges (All Breed Shows only) are to supply the NZROM secretary with a record of the winning dogs’ catalogue entries along with their ROM card numbers within 2 weeks of the shows completion.

f. NZROM committee will appoint a representative to each qualifying all breed show if possible to assist in handing out cards.

g. If there is a clash with timing and/or location between an ROM approved Bull Terrier Club Show and an All Breed show being judged by a ROM approved judge, the Bull Terrier Club shows will take precedence and ROM points will not be available for the All Breeds show



a. Those judges able to award ROM points are as follows:

  1. Judges listed on the ROM list (Part 4h.),

  2. A specialist listed by The Bull Terrier Club (UK), The Bull Terrier Club of America, or any

  other National Bull Terrier Club overseas in high standing, and

  3. Any judge from overseas who has previously awarded ROM points and meets the criteria in

  Part 4 f.


b. Bull Terrier clubs wishing to appoint an overseas judge who has not previously awarded ROM points in New Zealand must apply to the NZROM committee using the appropriate form. This form must be completed by that judge.

· Must be licensed to judge in their country or at least have judged a Bull Terrier Open or bull terrier breed specialty.

· Have a minimum of ten years involvement in Bull Terriers.

· Must have an invitation to Judge an ROM eligible show.

· List and include documentation of ten years involvement in Bull Terrier conformation.

· Have bred and raised a minimum of five litters of Bull Terriers. Litters and co-owned litters must have been whelped and raised on the applicant’ premises.

· List five Bull Terrier litters bred.

· Have bred a minimum of three Bull Terrier Champions or ROM awarded dogs or two Bull Terriers registered in your country’s Official Stud Book.

· List three Champions/ROMs bred or two dogs listed in your Country’s Stud Book.

c. At ROM approved shows under ROM approved judges the judge will have the discretion to withhold ROM points if in his/her view the Bull Terriers are not of a sufficiently high standard for the award. See also 3 d and e.

d. At ROM approved shows under ROM approved judges, the ROM points are awarded automatically unless the judge informs the exhibitor and the ring steward, prior to the exhibitor leaving the ring that ROM points are not being awarded.

e. Show Secretaries should post a copy of the ROM Rules to Judges appointed from overseas.

f. Judges listed in 4h. below who are contracted for an all breeds show are to follow the guidelines laid down in 3c, d and e.

g. Criteria for New Zealand Specialist Judges to apply for inclusion on the ROM list are as follows:

1. Must have a minimum of ten years breeding or owning and exhibiting Bull Terriers in


2. Must have bred and raised a minimum of five litters of Bull Terriers on applicant’s premises.

Litters and co-owned litters must have been whelped and raised on the applicant’s premises.

3. The first ROM judging appointment in NZ MUST be for one of Dogs NZ affiliated Bull Terrier

Club shows.

4. Must be a Dogs NZ licensed judge

5. Must maintain an ongoing membership with one of the Dogs NZ Bull Terrier clubs.

         6. If retired, have retained a close association with the breed and have demonstrated an abiding

interest and recent involvement with the breed.

7. Must be able to document having accomplished any combination of three of the following


· Bred at least two ROM titled dog/s.

· Have personally owned and exhibited two Bull Terriers to their ROM.

· Bred at least two BIS or RIS under ROM approved specialty judges

· Have bred a minimum of two Bull Terrier Champions.

· Have personally owned and exhibited two Bull Terriers to their Championships.


h New Zealand ROM Approved ROM Judges: See full list including provisional here

Linda Flegg

Heidi Holland

Diane Riley

Pip Graham

Melanie Dalton


f Australian ROM Approved Judges:

Mr Paul Berman NSW

Mrs Pam Brown QLD

Mrs Gail Buckley VIC

Mrs Margaret Burgoine NSW

Mr Stephen Craven  NSW

Mrs Di Cross NSW

Ms Diane Cuthbert  SA

Mr Fitzgerald MBE W.F NSW

Mr Les Greenall  VIC

Mr Paul Haseldine SA

Ms Kerry Hellsten  VIC

Mr David Hill  NSW

Mr Stan Honnery  WA

Mrs Sandra Irlam  NT

Mr Bernard James

Mr Tony Johnson

Ms Kerry King SA

Mrs Bernadette Marshall VIC

Mr Tony Wiseman NSW

Mrs Neridah Sharrett WA



a. After gaining the points as detailed in Part 2 above, the owner is to apply to the NZROM committee using the appropriate form in writing or by email and include:

  1. Qualifying ROM Award cards (scan or photocopy),

  2. A suitable high resolution photograph, and

  3. Copy or scan of registration certificate.

The form is available from NIBTC/CBTC club secretary or online at

b. The award status ROM shall not be recognised until the ROM Certificate has been received by the owner.

c. There shall be only one original ROM Certificate for the owner and one for the breeder, extra copies of the certificate may be purchased by the new owner. The fee is $25-00 per certificate.

Please note: NIBTC(A) cards awarded in New Zealand prior to September 2018 will be accepted as part of the application for this award.

To ensure continuity of the history of this award in NZ, the numbering of certificates has continued from the last NZROM awarded by the National Bull Terrier Council (Australia).


*application form for NZ judges to apply for ROM status 

*application form for NZ BT clubs to apply for ROM points for a judge at a Bull Terrier show 

*application form for judges to apply for ROM cards for an all-breed judging appointmen

*application form to apply for a dogs ROM award 


Revised May 2020



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