Resources for Breeders


Everybody can do with help or just a place to get information if they need. The Bulldog Clubs and Taskforce are focussed on building resources to help breeders. We are working on a range of resources including puppy induction packs, template agreements and breed resources. 




Research Papers



Click on the link to go to a list of webinars provided by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation.

Webinars on demand include:

- Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy

- Canine Degenerative Myelopathy: from gene mutation discovery to clinical trials

- How mothers matter: the influence of early maternal interaction on offspring behaviour and development

- An update on the science behind CBD (Cannabidiol) use for pets

- Crash, boom, bang: updates on canine noise phobia treatments

- Canine Semen Evaluation and Fertility

- Canine Pyometra - Why some dogs dont get better with medical treatment or experience relapses

- A clinical genetics appropach to understanding genetic, multiplex and health testing

- Exercise to keep a dogs mind and body fit at any age


Podcasts - in some cases we have attached transcripts as well

FCI President Interview

CHF and Zoetis Reproduction Series: Tips For Success With Fresh Chilled Semen Breedings, Part I: The Stud Dog -

CHF and Zoetis Reproduction Series:Tips For Success With Fresh Chilled Semen Breedings, Part II: The Brood Bitch - - resources/podcasts/chf-and-zoetis-reproduction-6.html

CHF and Zoetis Reproduction Series: Whelping and Dystocia -

CHF and Zoetis Reproduction Series: Pregnancy Diagnosis -

CHF: Periodontal Disease and Dental Health in Dogs -

Breed Magazines

There are a number of breed magazines and sites that you may be interested in subscribing to. They provide an insight into our breeds internationally and on issues and health.


Breeders Manual

If you would like a copy of the bible for breeders by Dr Karen Hedberg "A Dog Owners Manual" please contact us. We will be ordering some in shortly.  


French Bulldog Resources

We have copies of the NSW French Bulldog Clubs Puppy Booklet written by french bulldog breeder and vet Dr Karen Hedberg for sale. The booklet is an excellent resource to give to new puppy owners.


Template Agreements

We are working on a range of template agreements that breeders will be able to use should they wish. They will include:

  • Pet agreements
  • Show Agreements
  • Co Ownership Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Stud Agreement 

Note they will be templates only and will not replace independent legal advice.


Puppy Induction Packs

We are pulling together Induction Packs for puppy owners. This will include a checklist (example in link below) and supporting information. We will also be speaking to insurance companies and food companies about discounts.


Anything else?

Let us know if you think we should be developing other resources. All ideas welcome and if you want any of the resources feel free to contact us below.






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