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British Bulldog Breed Standard Proposed Change

20 August 2019

The clubs responded to DNZ and DNZ have still chosen to change the bulldog breed standard. The decision it seems was made in July but neither the clubs nor the members were informed formally until now.

The clubs did their best to find a pathway forward and it is with considerable sadness that they find they remain powerless to change DNZ's view.

Thank you to the many clubs, breeders, members who have supported us through this process in writing, signing the petition and via messages and speaking to us all. We really do appreciate it. Thank you too to the people in DNZ who did speak up for us (you know who you are and we are grateful).



14 July 2019

See the attached documents from the meeting with DogsNZ on the 14th. Please go to the decision page to have your say on the DNZ directives. We cant say choices because there are none. But we cant leave the decision of which standard or country of origin to them either!



2 July 2019


See the attached article and mandate form. A page has been set up on this site where if you cannot attend  the meeting on the 14th you can if you choose as a bulldog breeder or owner of a registered bulldog confirm the club's mandate to speak on your behalf.  Any questions let us know.


28 June 2019

We have a date for the meeting with EC that was agreed last Friday.

Date: Sunday 14 July 2019

Time: 10.30-1pm

Place: Boardroom DogsNZ 11 Prosser Street Porirua Wellington

An email has been sent by DogsNZ to Bulldog breeders and owners (not the Bulldog Clubs) with meeting agenda. This includes not only the proposed changes to the Bulldog Breed Standard, but an unexpected session on Litter Registration Limitations (LRLs) and DogsNZ thoughts on 5 potential mandatory tests for a Bulldog LRL.

Given DogsNZ consulted on changes to the Bulldog breed standard and the clearly stated importance to the Bulldog breeders and owners and their clubs of not only seeing an open process but also the need for them to be heard on that very contentious issue, we do not understand why the meeting is not focussed solely on the breed standard and options for resolving concerns about the changes. The email to bulldog breeders and owners is the first the Bulldog Clubs knew of the second agenda item for the meeting or 5 potential mandatory tests for bulldog breeders.

A DogsNZ Canine Health and Welfare Committee report is provided with the email giving not only that committees responses to the clubs submission on the Bulldog Breed Standard but their views of our Health Schemes which unlike NAWAC and MPI are shall we say less then favourable, some would say angry.

We are concerned that the tone of the sub committees report, the failure to even send the meeting invitation at least as a courtesy to the Bulldog clubs and addition of the new agenda item suggests a far from open minded on the part of DogsNZ or at least its sub committee. We hope that is not the case as our focus since the meeting with EC on Friday has been to move forward and allow members to prepare and speak to the bulldog breed standard.

We will be preparing and forming responses and presentations in the coming few weeks and will be updating members and of course posting.

Any questions or concerns about the DogsNZ email or thoughts and comments on responses and the meeting contact us either by PM or we have a brand new email too [email protected].



17 May 2019

As you know last year the Bulldog clubs were asked by DogsNZ to consider changing the Bulldog Breed Standard to the FCI standard or to the updated UK standard. The Bulldog Clubs consulted on this proposal and provided that feedback to DogsNZ. Members also submitted on it and a petition was provided as well. Submissions opposed changing to FCI and all bar one supported the retention of the current NZ standard.

In response to these submissions DogsNZ Executive Council agreed to not change the Bulldog Standard from the current version.

However, since that decision was made the Canine Health and Welfare Committee of DogsNZ has placed the issue back on the Executive Council agenda and ignoring the submissions of clubs and members recommended that the Bulldog Standard be changed. The reasons given were for health and the impact upon the reputation of DogsNZ if they didn’t change the standard. The Executive Council of DogsNZ have therefore decided to put the matter back to the clubs for consultation.

However, this consultation is different they are not asking us if we want to retain our standard which was the supported option. We are offered two choices only:

a.       the option unanimously opposed last time of changing to the FCI standard or

b.       changing the NZ standard to the updated UK standard which was opposed by all bar one individual submitter. 

Whatever the change it is proposed to happen from 1 August 2019.

The Clubs strongly object to DogsNZs decision to ignore the outcomes of the last consultation and to overturn their decision to accept the views of the clubs and members. The Bulldog Clubs do not consider DogsNZ’s unilateral approach of giving two rejected options to us is in fact fair or real consultation. It is window dressing so they can say they have consulted and then make a decision for us (because what do the clubs and their members know about their breeds?). This sets a dangerous precedent for all breed clubs! If our Bulldog Clubs and their members are to be ignored because we wont tow the DogsNZ line who is next? Are we expected to accept that DogsNZ always knows best for us all? Did that work for the docked breeds?

We will respond to DogsNZ on this issue again and unlike DogsNZ we will do so based on our members views. As clubs we believe that the views of our members who responded strongly during the last consultation should stand. We did not accept then and do not accept now the proposition that the push to change is for health reasons. Nor as member clubs of DogsNZ do we believe that we should be ignored or forced to accept change to protect DogsNZ reputation. We represent our members.

We will be sending out information on DogsNZ reasons for the consultation and the information we have disputing their claims and responding to it. We invite members to speak to our committee members and to make submissions again. You may not feel like you are being listened to but that does not mean you should not raise your voices. Your views are important.

If you have any questions you can contact us


23 August 2018

To all British Bulldog Breeder Club Members

DogsNZ has notified the Bulldog Clubs of a proposal to change the NZ British Bulldog Breed Standard. The proposal is that the FCI British Bulldog Standard be adopted in New Zealand and become the country of origin standard. Currently the UK British Bulldog Standard is the base for the NZ standard and is the country of origin standard here. While both standards are generally the same the FCI standard is considered to have a better layout.

The Bulldog Clubs are seeking feedback from their members on the proposal. They will then write to DogsNZ based upon member feedback.The attached document has a brief outline of the background to the proposal and copies of the FCI, UK and a comparison of the standards to help anyone wanting to comment.

Feedback is requested by 19 October 2018. Send feedback to the secretary of your club emails below.

Auckland Bulldog Club – [email protected]
Central Bulldog Club – [email protected]
Wellington Bulldog Club – [email protected]
Southern Bulldog Club – [email protected]

Any questions let me know



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